Regular cardio and strength conditioning is one of the greatest things we can do to ensure a strong, healthy lifestyle.

It’s not simply about looking ‘buff’ or ‘tight’, strength training actually makes us more able-bodied throughout the rest of our lives: carrying groceries, housework, gardening, playing with the kids… everything seems a little easier!

Our Cardio Mezzanine features a variety of Lifefitness and Precor machines: treadmills, ellipticals, summit trainers, upright and recumbent bicycles as well as Concept II rowers and Star Trac Spinners; while our Strength Training room features a full stock of Magnum and Atlantis equipment!

MIX IT UP! Choose from free weights, kettle bells and Olympic Cross-Rigs to the safety and precision of selectorized machines!

Make heart elevating exercise a part of your weekly routine and begin feeling better NOW!

Rowing Machines

If you are new to strength training or getting tired of your ‘usual routine’, try a session with one of our
Certified Kinesiologist Trainers!


And, be sure to check out our PDF Resources & Links page for sports conditioning, training tips and getting started guides!