Team Conditioning

Partner with a friend or train with a group of team mates; our Small Group Training is a cost effective and fun way to develop comradely and push your personal limits!

Small group training fits in between Personal Training and Group Fitness; a fun group setting that is still personal quality. Your team session with a Kinesiologist Trainer can be 2-6 people and provides great opportunity for personal trainer attention on an economical budget.

Sharing a workout session with a friend, family member or team mates is a great way to connect and enhance your exercise experience. Discover support and encouragement from both the trainer and the other participants, as you push through challenges and obstacles together. You’ll be much more likely to adhere to your exercise program and will see better results, faster!

Group training is perfect for sports teams and groups where players/participants share similar conditioning goals and physical demands. Your team will benefit from the creativity, expertise and motivation only a Personal Trainer can bring!